What Happens in a Treatment?



Each client will receive a full 30 minutes consultation to see if they are able to receive hands on healing. If they are  unsuitable they will be offered distant healing or we will offer an alternative time to start treatments.

Sessions can last 20 minutes to an hour, so all session are booked for an hour. I will ask you to initially commit to 3 sessions and then we assess the situation.

During the Treatment - Healing Begins!!!!


You will be asked to lay on the couch fully clothed and relax, with any spectacles and outdoor shoes removed.

The room will have calming music and candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

 You will be made fully aware, of what you may, or may not experience in a session. You may feel hands placed on your body in addition to the practitioners. Feel sensations of heat, waves of energy or see colours. You may feel emotional and a sense of release. Some may feel relaxed and sleepy, whereas other clients may experience a more physical session or nothing at all. Every healing session is different. There is no wrong or right to how you should feel.

What to expect after the treatment


 As this is a ‘new’ healing modality, we felt you should be given further information with regards to the possible after affects. Rahanni Celestial Healing is understood to work on at a high vibrational level. Please do not under-estimate the power of Rahanni. It is working on the mental/emotional aspects of yourself as well as the physical. The body is the reflection of the mind and with some people, they will continue to hold on to many negative situations from their past, afraid of letting go.  While healing is taking place, sometimes things from the past are brought forward; this is the bodies’ way of letting go. With regards to physical symptoms, you may experience slightly more discomfort as inflammation is being released, but not in every case. It depends on the problem and the severity of it. As the treatment takes place there can be disturbances within your system, such as headache, nausea, cold symptoms, possible mood swings or even tearful. It sounds terrible but it means your therapy is working for you. Any after affects should only last 24 hours; although this is a guide.

 Some clients are not aware of any disturbances, this is fine too.   

If you are worried or concerned do not hesitate to contact me. Please understand I am not medically trained person and as such cannot give medical advice. I also do not diagnose or say I can cure, but miracles have been known to happen! 

Carol Stacey Founder Rahanni Celestial Healing. 

 I am directly taught and attuned by Carol and was given this to hand to each of my clients.