Carol Stacey - Dr's Testimonial


 A medical professional -  I have known Carol for many years and have recommended patients of mine to consult her mainly with stress related problems often not responsive to conventional treatment. The results have been truly astonishing both in degree of improvement and also rapidity. My confidence in Carol has increased over the years to the point where I feel able to almost guarantee to the patients a marked improvement in their condition.We have worked in consultation and I regard Carol’s role as one of a complementary practitioner rather than that of an alternative one. I would most strongly commend her to you and let the results speak for themselves.

 Dr. R. Macdonald 

Carols client as it may resonate!

 ADD/ADHD My son had been diagnosed as extremely hyperactive, 90% of his actions were disruptive, destructive, non purposeful and very very fast. It was impossible to keep his attention for any length of time. He was banned from every place school in the area due to his extremely erratic behaviour. I literally was too scared to take him out by myself because of the amount of near misses he had. He was determined, strong willed and stubborn. I have lost count of the amount of times he has been in casualty. I have taken him to consultants who said it was one of the worse cases he had ever seen and that my son should be on the drug Ritalin. I was so against this and I knew I would find something or someone that could help my son without drugs.That is when I heard of Carol and Rahanni. I was so desperate that I would try anything.After initial discussions I decided to be taught Rahanni myself so I could help my son on a daily basis. This I did, and from the first day of being attuned to Rahanni the changes in my son have been truly amazing. He enjoys his treatments and has now been accepted at the local play school. He is more loving and calmer, in fact he is now a normal child without the use of drugs. Rahanni has not only changed the life of my son but the whole family. I will be forever grateful. Next stop was the consultant; he just said my son must have been misdiagnosed. Typical remark, don’t you think? 

Tracey Essex 

 I have had the privilege of having some Rahanni healing with Camille.  She is absolutely lovely & puts you at ease straight away. I went into my first session with an open mind but still felt anxious as I didn't know what to expect,  I had very positive messages that came through as before going I had been feeling very unhappy about myself & how I looked,  the positive feedback has helped me to start to move forward.  The healing was relaxing and I experienced colours & feather like touch during my sessions I came away feeling more positive & light after each session... Camille Is a wonderful lady who has a very special gift which she is able to pass on to other people.  I would recommend Camille to anyone who is in need of come guidance & healing    

- Tracey Peterborough 

Always been interested in spirit something in the family. But met Camille at an event and tried Rahanni. Omg things change physically and mentally. I embrace and look forward to my sessions. I feel so relaxed and peaceful after a session. Always looking forward to my next one. 

Mrs N - Cambridgeshire 

I found Camille by chance on Facebook, and as a reiki practitioner, I was interested in what rahanni actually is. Camille was just lovely and welcoming and made me feel so  comfortable. We talked for ages before the treatment started the first time. She showed such an interest and really cared. The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing, with a whoosh of energy as I'd described afterwards. My 2nd treatment was as lovely as the first. A few things had happened between sessions, and it was nice to talk about them. I have one more session booked in. I have found the experience so far very powerful. Camille has a lovely connection with the angels, and she passes the messages on in such a lovely way. I have found it powerful and inspirational, and I can't wait for the next session. Thanks Camille! Xx

Mrs L - Cambridgeshire 

Life Changing!


 I just had to say WOW ! Please let me explain.
I have just had my 1st Rahanni Celestial Healing session. I went with an open mind as I have never had this before. Camille made me feel at ease and explained everything I needed to know for the healing. I will not go into details of my health issues, but one thing I will say is that I do walk with a stick, among other health problems .
During the healing I was calm and had some interesting feelings,I felt very very heavy, it's the only way I can explain it!.
I felt heat and tingling from time to time, and had my eyes closed all the time, I saw vivid colours green and then purple/pink. I also know Camille touched me and where, I confirmed this once treatment was over,I did this because my face was touched by two hands cradling my head ,I knew it was not Camille, as it felt very different !!!, but I needed to be sure. After a chat afterwards, and a drink,I left feeling light and amazingly I walked without my stick for the first time in a long while!!!!
All in all I can say I am amazed, I never imagined I would feel this at my first session, go for it what have you got to lose ?.
Thank you Camille you are a blessed and an amazing woman,and a final word WOW ! 

 Well second healing session done, just as amazing as the first. In the week between healing I have improved on many levels. One big thing is I no longer use my walking stick! Plus I have cut down by half my daily pain medication! I feel better all round and after today's session I can't stop smiling. I saw colours again and felt heat and heavy at some points, This is an amazing healing platform,please give it a try it is doing amazing things for me and I hope it will for you. Thanks again Camille Rhodes xx 

Mrs M Peterborough

 I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience of receiving  Rahanni energy healing. From the moment my healing begun, I had a sense of complete peace and calm and felt absolutely grounded by hands that felt to be everywhere all at the same time. My aches and pains seem to dissolve and I gained a sense of clarity over my emotions at the time. I feel extremely privileged to have met Camille as she is not only incredibly knowledgeable and professional but also holds a very caring, compassionate and intuitive nature that made me feel so at ease from the beginning. Thank you Camille for Sharing the Angels LOVE with me and I look forward to our next session.  love and light

 Ms W xxx - Peterborough  

 I am very grateful to Camille x. Camille has a very kind, warm and welcoming manor, does not seem fazed by anything i have said and is very talented in all aspects of her life x   There seems like 'something special' is within her consultation room as i either go from smiling to crying (a weirdly nice release) or from anxious to chilled out when i walk in there.  I was frightened (due to my own personal trust issues) to have my first treatment but Camille explained thoroughly what she was going to do.     I still wanted to check where she was from time to time on my first visit as i felt vulnerable but am glad i didn't. (Again this was my own personal issue - nothing Camille had done) Every session since i have been able to relax and possibly sleep ... that's a first for me!  My depression started to  lift in the first week; by the second i definitely thought it was nearly gone; by week three it definitely had, and two weeks later i told my husband that it had ... i had to keep it to myself at first in case it came back ... now i feel that if  was to feel low i would call Camille up for another treatment  At the end of my third treatment my swollen knee had disappeared (following 8 months of pain and wearing strapping to do exercise)  I would recommend Camille's Rahanni treatments to anyone as i really feel the benefit and I feel Camille herself is a wonderful human being x   Thank you Camille for coming into my life and bringing the angels with you x (Mrs C - Cambridgeshire)

Suprise Angel Readings!


 Message from angels came at an important time for me. Made perfect sense and now feel as if I can make the decision I need to. Thank you xxx 

Ms D Peterborough

 I had a surprise reading from the lovely Camille. Everything she told me rang true and has made my beliefs so much stronger. I feel so sure of my decisions and am starting to follow my heart as well as my head. Since my reading I have felt a lot more calmer and confident within myself. I can not recommend her enough!! 

Miss K Peterborough

I had rahanni healing for first time yesterday I have felt calm and settled since and i would defo recommend to friends to go and try this healing very calm and peaceful environment too.

Ms S Peterborough

 Wow went for healing with Camille
I have had reiki healing before but this was very different I had lots of feelings , sensations, visions, and I felt amazing afterwards. I would recommend you try this healing very beautiful .
Mrs C Peterborough

 I had a healing session this morning and WOW from the moment I walked through the door I felt relaxed and at ease.
I felt really good when it had finished, I've felt really relaxed all day and the issues that I went for feel easier already, really looking forward to my next treatment. Thankyou Camille xx 

 Mr S.S Peterborough

I went into the room with hope and excitement. Expectation that you could possibly help me Camille after just a few minutes with you. I trusted you completely and the experience was beautiful. The feeling of being enveloped completely by wave after wave of love; knowing Angels were helping. Thank you for caring Camille.

Mrs B - Peterborough

 I hadn't heard of Rahanni healing before and was intrigued, so I booked in.

At this first session I didn't experience that much, but took a leap of faith and booked 3 more sessions with Camille as I liked her very much.

During the first of these sessions I only experienced mild sensations and put it down to my anxiety as it takes me a while to trust and primarily wanted to shift the negativity that has plagued me for many years. The following sessions were more powerful as I began to relax more and felt different things. One was the feeling of floating although I knew I was on the couch. I often felt vibration type sensations running through or around my body or in different parts of my body. At one stage in a session, I felt my left wrist and hand being stroked and quite a bit of heat at various points in most treatments.

During these initial treatments I saw mainly a yellow colour which isn't uncommon when I've had energy therapy before or in a relaxed state such as meditation or hypnosis. 

 I booked three more sessions and had the 5th session last Tuesday (7th September) felt different to the previous sessions. During this session I felt more energy in and around my body and saw hands waving above my body a couple of times. I also saw the colour pink briefly and dark purple and remember thinking wow, I can see purple.

Following arriving at Camille's for this last session I was feeling much more uplifted and positive and said to Camille that I felt something was shifting, I felt much more excited.
I haven't had a instantaneous effect from Rahanni as there are deep underlying issues but I do feel that things are improving steadily and I am learning to listen and take heed. I am better at grounding and protecting myself and asking for this also from the angels.
Camille is compassionate, loving and empathetic and is a very special lady. I am very honoured to have met her and trusted enough to have healing with her. 

Mrs R - Leicestershire

Rahanni - Beautiful Healing!


Well recommended!


Just a beautiful experience!