About Me


 You see, I’m not a writer, blogger or anyone of any importance, I'm just ME! 

Born and raised in Essex. To an English dad and Trinidadian mum.

I am a regular mum, wife, sister and daughter with experiences and stories I'd like to tell in the hope that one day it may just help someone feel that they are not alone, the way I was!

 My earliest memory was ‘feeling’ a family member pass over, which to this day, thankfully, I’ve not felt again. Though, I guess for me that's where it all started! 

40 something years later it brings me to this point, where I feel lucky enough to know 'they' (Angels) are never that far away and stand firmly around me. 

That's why I love the photo above, the feeling and imagery that they are close behind, looking after me.

The Angels and Healing


Over the years I worked with 'spirit' where I was mentored to help my mediumship and for 12 years I was a Reiki practitioner. 

(That is a story for another time though; my spiritual journey.)

 I always knew I enjoyed healing, but something just didn't feel right  anymore, so I stepped back and looked for other modalities. I kept looking but nothing seemed to resonate with me, or things would stop me once they did; workshops would be cancelled, or my transport or money would not work out in time. There was always some form of barrier! 

Despite this, every so often a new opportunity would somehow present itself and I would go off and learn my life lessons, wondering why I was changing course again. At the time you cannot see the 'bigger picture', but all those different avenues led me to certain people, situations and lessons that were crucial in my life. It is amazing when you look back and see the way that life has connected us, allowing us to partake in experiences which enable us to carry ourselves forward through to other situations and assist and be there for others at the right time - divine timing!

 I continued with my mediumship and I loved being able to offer comfort to people and deliver messages from the other side was a privilege. 

Then another fork in the road appeared and I had a personal/family challenge where I started to doubt everything. I decided at this point I needed some time away and to turn away completely from 'spirit' for 3 years. Many people tried to change my mind, but it was something I had to do. 

This for me is when everything started to change. Spirit were respectful and allowed me the time I needed with my family but when the time was right they called me back. (They do that you know... And they can be pretty persistent.

 Over the years I have questioned so much, but in hindsight, everything was done so I could learn and help people. With love, compassion, empathy and my own life experience I can work from an open heart and I thank them for all those lessons, however hard some were at the time.

It was a 12 year journey from when my healing with Reiki started to when I found Rahanni Celestial Healing and  how I was brought full circle! (Another story there....but a good one!) I now trust completely that where they guide me is for a good reason and for the good of me and others. I feel very fortunate to have been guided to back to Carol and to have been blessed to work with the beautiful healing modality of Rahanni Celestial Healing.

Looking forward to sharing Rahanni


My aim is to share Rahanni Celestial Healing and teach it to as many people that also feel drawn to this beautiful healing modality, in order to help the Rahanni energy move across the world. 

To heal the hearts and minds of humanity was the intention of Rahanni, when it was given to Carol (The Founder) back in 2002, and remains as such to this day.

I look forward to doing my cards for guidance, giving Angel card readings and trusting where they guide me.

I feel honoured that Carol entrusted me with the title of Guardian of Rahanni. 

I look forward to meeting some of you, if you choose to join us on this journey.

Love and blessings


 Guardian of Rahanni